Climate Change Adaption

The Climate Change defines as any change of climate over a time period that affects the human livelihoods as well as the physical changes of the earth. The adaptation is a process to cope with the changing environment which directly influences or made adjustment of favorable conditions and friendly to survive, growth and promotion of the human, animal and other living and non-living organism. The mitigation is interventions to reduce the sources or enhance the sinks of greenhouse gases, adversity, unfavorable condition to favorable, measuring steps and essential support for making the strength of undesired obstacles and constraints for improve the friendly situation. SAWAB organizes camping program for planting tree and the benefit of tree plantation all over Bangladesh and specifically in thecyclone affected coastal areas and flood affected areas on Bangladesh. SAWAB also plants tress and take care of the planted tress through local beneficiaries.

Two ways SAWAB is involved with the climate change adaptation program:

Tree Plantation: SAWAB organizes several campaigns for planting tree at flood and cyclone affected areas of Bangladesh.

Campaign for Awareness Development: Seminars, workshops, processions and field visits are the part of such campaign to create awareness among the younger generations.