Micro-finance Program

Bangladesh is making progress in reducing its poverty rate & there is big chance of overcoming extreme poverty rate by 2030 according to the World bank. Bangladesh with its around 24.9% people living below poverty line in which around  12.8% living in absolute poverty in suffering from acute rural-Urban economic disparity coupled with illiteracy, lack of health and sanitation facilities. The access of the poor people to formal financial institutions/Bank is denied for the lack of collateral and other security. The formal banking system deprives them of borrowing, saving and investing in income generating activities, which is why poor people remains poor. The Micro Finance programme thus helps them get financial help without collateral or other security requirements. The success of Micro Finance programme saw widespread flourish of NGOs working in this sector in the nineties. In reality, Micro Credit programme has proved to have been a very successful intervention of NGOs in poverty reduction strategy. It gives marginalized people a space, not available at all in formal process, to create resources. All Micro Finance Institutions in Bangladesh are providing financial services based on high Interest rates to the poor people. This Model proves little in helping the poor to achieve self-sufficiency due to high interest rate.

Considering the fact, SAWAB recognizes the need for a financial lending method that compliances with the Shariah Based microfinance. In this process SAWAB has started its microfinance programme through shariah based investment to poor people of the country. Gradually, SAWAB is introducing diversified product to meet the demand of the rural people. Thus SAWAB is serving to the urban and rural people in farm and off farm sector financing and addressing the missing middle poor and low income communities to get them out of poverty. The main goal of this programme is to improve in the socio economic conditions of marginal farmers and homogenous community through providing microfinance.

Trade of investment:

  1. Agriculture(Paddy, Seeds, Fertilizer etc.)
  2. Fisheries
  3. Poultry
  4. Cow rearing
  5. Goat rearing
  6. Vegetable
  7. Seasonal crops
  8. Auto rickshaw/van
  9. Handicrafts
  10. Small business

We will be highly glad if you pay attention to help us to alleviate poverty from Bangladesh as well as to work for the humanity.