Corporate Structure

SAWAB maintains a very well structured Organogram as an organisation. Its strength is the highly experienced and committed leaders with very devoted and hard-working team members. There are Board of Trustees, Board of Advisors and the Executive Committee to run and take forward the organisation.

Governance and Management:

Board of Trustees of SAWAB includes 24 members headed by Mr. S M Rasheduzzaman, who holds the position of Chairperson of the Board. The Advisory Board has ten members who meet on regular basis to provide guidelines for smooth operation of projects and obtaining the goals of the programs. The Executive Committee is comprised of ninemembers. It is the highest operating body of the organisation and headed by the Chairman. This committee leads the organization to achieve its set goals successfully. The Chairman of the Executive Committee is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SAWAB.

The executive committee steers the actions of the organization and holds meetings as and when necessary. At the management level, the heads of different programs have a key role in executing the plans and activities of the organization. SAWAB practices transparency and accountability in its management and decision making process. In serving people, it is committed to maintain inclusiveness. Reputed government certified audit firms audit all activities with financial involvement. SAWAB submits all audited reports to the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Bangladesh, and the funding agencies. In addition, SAWAB has an internal audit team that checks all financial transactions and ensures transparency of the agency.

Here follows the Operational Organogram of SAWAB: