Message from the Adviser: 01

I am pleased to say that Social Agency for Welfare and Advancement in Bangladesh (SAWAB) is seriously engaged in humanitarian service to the distressed section of our society to achieve sustainable socio-economic goals in Bangladesh.

SAWAB adopts accountability, professional strategy and transparency while implementing its projects and programs successfully.

Its positive contributions to sustainable development and philanthropic services are highly appreciated.

I hope that SAWAB will continue to render its great welfare services to the poorest people in our country.

I wish its further growth and success in future.


Mian Muzibur Rahman

Advisor, SAWAB

(Former Acting Mayor Khulna City Corporation Vice Chairman, Bangladesh India Citizen Society Freedom Fighter, Writer & Researcher Chairman, Inter-Religion Society Executive Member Bangladesh Muktijjoddha Sangsad,Central Command Council Editor, BMTI News)

Message from the Adviser: 02

I am highly glad to say that SAWAB (Social Agency for Welfare and Advancement in Bangladesh) has been doing a great job in the field of socio-economic advancement of the disadvantaged group in our society. Its laudable development activities are helping the poor to get rid of hard-core poverty in Bangladesh.

I hope this organization will be able to reach more marginalized families of the society with tangible socio-economical activities in future.

Thank you very much.


Colonel (retd.) ZRM Ashraf Uddin

Advisor, SAWAB

(Principal, Orchid International School, Dhaka Director, International Talent Care Academy  Former Principal, Manarat International School, Dhaka)