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ASSETS Assets include money held in the bank, cash, property, jewellery or anything else of value. If any of the fields do not apply you can leave them blank. Zakat on Gold and Silver (selling price) 22 Carrat Gold /Jewelry 21 Carrat Gold /Jewelry 18 Carrat Gold /Jewelry Other Gold materials Silver Zakat on cash and bank deposits (Actual value) Cash in Hand Bank Sevings and current Account Balance Fixed Deposits, DPS, Special Savings (i.e. Hajj, marriage etc.) Insurance and Bonus on Insurance Premium Shares, stocks, Savings Certificates, Bonds etc. (price on the day of zakat payment) Zakat on loans/receivables/ advances (Actual Value) Loans Receivables from Friends and Relatives for certain Security Deposits (to be received) and advance payments Providend Fund (if withdrawnable) Land, House, Apartments purchased with the intention for resale Balance of other Income after expenses (i.e. salaries, honorarium, gifts, house rents etc.) LIABILITIES Liabilities represent money that is owed to others. Personal loans to be paid in the current Zakat Year Bank loans to be paid in the current Zakat Year Other Liabilities/payables (i.e. House Rent, Tax, Utility Bills etc.)
Zakat is to be calculated in lunar calendar. If Zakat is calculated in Gregorian or English Calendar, Zakat must be paid at the rate of 2.58% on Net Zakatable assets.
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21 Carat GOLD and Traditional SILVER (cadmium) per gram are*
GOLD BDT 675,750 This is equal to 85 grams at BDT 7,950 per gram Silver BDT 53,550 This is equal to 595 grams at BDT 90 per gram

** Figures are updated weekly
** Last Updated on: 12 April 2023