Volunteering is generally considered as philanthropic activity and is intended to promote righteousness or improve human quality of life. Such activities produce a feeling of self-worth and respect. There is no financial gain involved for the individual. Volunteering is also important for skill development, socialization, and self-satisfaction. Volunteering also helps get employment opportunities as it increases contacts with many significant citizens of the country as well as dignitaries from abroad. Many volunteers are specifically trained in the areas they work, such as medicine, education, or emergency rescue. Others serve need basis, such as in response to a natural disasters.

Every year SAWAB arranges several Volunteer Development Programs before implementing any project. This program is helping both SAWAB and the volunteers equally. SAWAB gets many trained volunteers to quickly implement its activities, on the other hand the volunteers get opportunities to work and gain new skills.

Be a volunteer to serve the humanity.


Who is Volunteer?

To mobilize all material and spiritual accumulation in a situation that needs to be helped, without any interest and reciprocation, is called voluntarism; this is only as a blessing to the depressed and disadvantageous people.

A person can sometimes volunteer by using his or her financial and physical material power and sometimes of his or her own knowledge, skills and abilities.

Volunteer people can, of course, engage in individual activities. Though, volunteers involved in a social project of a non-governmental organization or volunteers can be more beneficial thanks to the correct classification and use of the accumulations.

In today’s world, natural disasters, earthquakes, wars, hunger and droughts make people who are self-respectful and have a conscience who know what it means to be a human being.

We see how people come forward as brothers to assist refugee immigrants. It is not possible for people with religious as well as language and race unity to ignore the cry of the marginalized poor brothers and to ignore the needy people as we see in television and magazines.

What can I do voluntarily?

  • You can report to the SAWAB organization of those deprived around you
  • You can organize a charity campaign in your locality
  • You can provide support to the needy identified in your area through SAWAB
  • You can promote SAWAB in social media
  • You can assist the SAWAB to distribute several things among needy people
  • You may take responsibility on behalf of SAWAB in your vicinity
  • You can inform the charity volunteers who wants to help you around us
  • You can contribute to our association with works like bazaar in your area
  • You can acquire SAWAB money boxes and convey them to the charity owners
  • You can do social observation fining the families in need


Working area

Primarily, a person who knows in which field and in what way he can be most useful can start as a charity volunteer for SAWAB.  A charity volunteer should specify what can be useful when applying to a non-governmental organization. A charitable volunteer can create public opinion. By finding new volunteers, it can contribute to the continuity of the organization, such as blood vessels that feed the heart. By taking an active role in the aid activity, it can make deep-rooted investments for the hereafter by tasting the impossible, insatiable taste of fatigue in an activity. Voluntary people can operate within a non-governmental organization by using their own financial power or by providing resources.

There are also volunteers who are able to use their social status and dignity in the realization of activities as well as those who are beneficial with their physical strength. It is essential for non-governmental organizations that people who shape the society with their thoughts and ideas lead both society and lead new ideas.

Volunteers’ work areas are generally with non-governmental organizations. Volunteers who do not demand any wages or any other gain for their work are involved in social projects, natural disasters and so on.  Volunteers have a role in civil society organizations that can influence and direct work. Volunteers can contribute to a non-governmental organization through activities such as the power of thought and labor, finding financial resources, forming public opinion, and recruiting new members.

When establishing the relationship between voluntary and non-governmental organizations, the two parties should know each other well, determine the potential and evaluate accordingly. As a result, the organization will be able to achieve its goals more easily and quickly, while volunteering will have the opportunity to improve itself. Mutual satisfaction is provided if these are taken into consideration. The presence of volunteers is essential to establish a fair and democratic society. Both voluntary and non-governmental organizations benefit and contribute to the strengthening of society. The most important service provided by the volunteer is the benefit it produces for the society where it lives.

Our values

As a non-government organization, SAWAB continue its activities for the benefit of all humanity regardless of language, religion, gender, age or race. We dream of a society where tranquility, brotherhood and peace prevail and we know that this will only be possible in accordance with the declaration of the helping, contributing and considering mentality of people. We overlook distances and strive to be the best organization for mankind and SAWAB values every demand of goods and knowledge.

The right of every Man

Knowing that the foundation is of every human, we aim to gather knowledge, manner and moral things. When a person can obtained knowledge of humanity, he can change the society by doing various social activities.

Time for brotherhood, time for unity

We are aware that the number of dangers is quite high in the present century. In this age in which people are taken away from spirituality and deceived by worldly pleasures, it is our duty to tell the need to the hearts and to unite without separation.

Not a day, every day

The basis of our dissemination of good and scientific studies is based on continuity. Our goal is to overcome the obstacles in our way with patience and faith, and to work endlessly for the sake of strength, in the light of the people of believes.

To build the future…

We will train thousands of youths who will grow with a demand for the day; the seeds of integrity we planted today will surround the whole society. We know that no attempt is in vain and we aim to serve the future of society by laying solid foundations.

Corporate transparency

We are responsive that our dreams are gigantic and our responsibilities are deep. We will take care of the relics of our generous charitable people who send their hearts to us and support us with their prayers and charities. Our duty is to be able to give the account of each particle that is entrusted to us to those who trust us first and then to us.

Our Employment Policy

“Human being” is at the center of our employment policy. As we want the features; having education and career, but will be at the center of our organization to be trained, diligent, hardworking, devoted, strong social and human relations; Waiting for the staff to be fair and active ace.

Volunteers Policy: When our work is a social responsibility project; the human resources policy of our organization primarily operates on a voluntary basis. If you want to join the convoy of goodness, walk with us on this path and effort with us, our door and heart will always be open to you.