Pure drinking Water at Shaym Nogor, Satkhira

SAWAB always tries to provide and meet the basic necessities of the poor and marginalized people of the country. Among many of its projects, one of the most important projects is Water and sanitation (WATSAN) through which it changes the lives of many people from all over Bangladesh. SAWAB in 202 established 2000 Tube wells in the country including Deep Tube Wells. One such beneficiary area is Shaym Nogor under Shatkhira district.

Satkhira is a coastal district and usually falls into the clutches of natural calamities like cyclone, tidal bore, etc. It is also a badly Amphan (the deadly cyclone occurred in May 2020) affected area. People had scarcity of water for daily uses, let alone for drinking. At that time, SAWAB took the challenge and set up 55 Deep Tube Well in 3 unions of Shaym Nogor upazila of Shatkhira district, viz. Padma Pukur, Kashimari and Atuli. These Tube wells lessen all the miseries the people faced in the locality as well as ensure better health as they can now remain safe from all sorts of water-borne diseases.