Poor Masud now Ecstatic Masud through Livelihood project

Masud Rana – 6th of the eight children of parents, had a tough life from the very young age. He belonged to an ultra-poor family and could not obtain even basic education. His father was a day-labour worked in agriculture field and didn’t own any asset to support family. Later, Masud also began life as day-labour and got married few years back.

The situation deteriorated after marriage; he became the cause of domestic violence as he could rarely manage the family expenses and always remained mentally upset. Even days were there when they could not have daily foods. He doesn’t have any asset or land properties, stayed What Masud said, “I tried to earn some money by working in the agricultural field, but didn’t get work every day. Also tried to pull rickshaw, but what I earned need to pay maximum for the rent of the rickshaw. I was mentally upset and had quarrel every day with my wife I sometimes, out of anger, beat her”. Later they became parents of a baby boy, but could not enjoy the parenthood because of poverty. His wife and child also suffered from malnutrition.

Masud’s miserable life ended up when he met SAWAB representative at his village Kakab under Birulia Union of Savar Upazila under Dhaka district. He learned about livelihhod project, shared his thoughts and capabilities and took part in motivational sessions. Later he decided to choose Rickshaw for his livelihood as he had some experience of driving battery run rickshaw.

Masud with his happy family

“I am really excited to have the battery run Rickshaw of my own as donated by Islamic Aid, UK through SAWAB and its Livelihood project and now I am happy that I have better income. I can even save some money for my child’s future” – thus Masud expressed his feelings after receiving the Rickshaw through the livelihood project of SAWAB.