Morsheda Khatun’s Life changes through TUP project

Morsheda Khatun is the mother of 2 children and her husband is a driver. She supposed to have a better life after marriage, but in practical her life was difficult. Particularly after covid-19 outbreak her husband didn’t earn much as people travelled less. Further, she suffered to manage daily food for the family consisting of her husband and 3 children, one daughter and two sons. In this situation she met one of the field representatives of SAWAB at her locality and shared her situation. SAWAB representative explained her about Targeting Ultra-Poor (TUP) project funded by Islamic Aid, UK. She came to learn about the livelihood projects which enable many people like her to re-establish their life afresh.

Talking to her husband and other well-wishers she decided to be a part of SAWAB’s TUP initiatives. She decided to start up a small business (grocery shop) of her own and for that purpose she was provided with all necessary grocery items (rice, flour, pulses, salt, sugar, oil, spices, soap, puffed rice, biscuits, chips, milk, and many other items) in a reasonable scale to start his grocery shop along with his tea-stall. Also she took training on how to become an entrepreneur, how to manage a shop and keep accounts – all life skills training. This allows her to feed her family nicely and now she concentrates on building her asset until it becomes a sustainable source of income for her family. She already manager marriage for her daughter and sons are sent back to schools, one of them is studying in Class VII and the other one in Class V. A welcoming smile is always there on her face after she starts a new venture of grocery shop. She is very much happy and expresses her gratitude towards Islamic Aid and SAWAB for their kind support and cooperation to re-establish him in the income generating activities.