Jinnat Ali becomes Joyous through TUP project

Poverty cannot change the zeal of Jinnat Ali to take challenges and bring changes in his life. Jinnat Ali is a small tea-stall owner, but with wife and 3 children it was very much difficult for Jinnat to manage the family expenses through such small earning. Day by day, his situation deteriorated particularly after the pandemic covid-19 situation. Less people start taking tea from outside and also less people are there outside home.  When the basic food was in question, he could not think of spending money for health, education and any other need.

But the days started changing when Jinnat met in person the representatives from SAWAB who explained him about Targeting Ultra-Poor (TUP) project funded by Islamic Aid, UK.  He came to learn about the livelihood projects which enable many people like him to re-establish their life afresh.

Jinnat has experience of running a small tea-stall, but when he received training and counselling from the SAWAB representatives, he has decided to take the challenges again to change his fate. Jinnat doesn’t have any other means of earning; even he doesn’t have any land property except the small areas of household.

He has decided to be a part of the initiative and chose Grocery shop to be his livelihood initiative.


SAWAB provided Jinnat Ali with all necessary grocery items (rice, flour, pulses, salt, sugar, oil, spices, soap, puffed rice, biscuits, chips, milk, and many other items) in a reasonable scale to start his grocery shop along with his tea-stall. Also he received training how to become an entrepreneur, manage the shop, keep accounts – all life skills training.  This allows him to feed his family happily and now he concentrates on enhancing his asset until it becomes a sustainable source of income for his family. His younger daughter is registered to continue education at primary level and he plans to have a better life.

He mentioned: “I am really very very happy now. I never imagine that people like you give me a full grocery shop completely free and help me to grow. I pray to Al-Mighty Allah for the charity Islamic Aid and SAWAB make for us.  My family will ever remain grateful for such help.” He dreams now to expand this business day by day to a larger one and be self-reliant throughout his life in the days ahead.