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Health & Nutrition Program

  • Bangladesh

Health & Nutrition Program

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Health and Nutrition:

Bangladesh is definitely one of the most densely populated countries in the world. With over population and scares resources, most of the women and children who are ultra poor and marginalized, living in the local community in Bangladesh are facing unsound health and malnutrition. It’s also responsibility of Bangladesh government to ensure health and nutrition facilities for the general people of the country but due to limited resources they are unable to provide the following services. SAWAB established health care center in Kushtia, 2012 with free medicine facilities and also operated medical camp in Rangpur and Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh, where approximately 1500 patients are receiving health care service with free medicine support.

SAWAB is also trying to spare its health and nutrition program throughout the country with free medical camp with medicine and free ambulance service so that the needy people who are very poor and also cannot afford to have health care service from private clinics and hospitals due to high expenses. SAWAB needs fund and contribution of organizations and individuals.

You may donate to the needy people for their healthy and nutritious life through our organization.  

Why donate us?

Accountability and transparency are core values of our organization. We are committed to using your donations to transform the lives of many of the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. In our work, we are committed to follow the best policies. We believe that non-government organizations have to be accountable, transparent and effective for their work.