Badsha Miah Beams Brightly through Poverty Alleviation project

Badsha Miah is always a bashful person throughout his life. He is never an outspoken character and remained silent. He is from Chandpur and from a poor family background. His parents were in Chandpur, but the serious river erosion of 7 times caused them losing every asset and land they had. Later he had to migrate to a different place to settle with his family and arrived at Samair village of Birulia Union of Savar. He had been given a shelter of a small house to live with family without payment; hence he could survive the initial days at Savar. He started pulling rickshaw but that never ensured his sustenance as he pulled manual rickshaw whereas battery run modern rickshaw were in more demand. Further, the person who gave him shelter took him for some of his personal works and without payment. It caused him more difficulties to earn.


Badsha’s despondent life ended up when he met SAWAB representative at his village Samair under Birulia Union of Savar Upazila under Dhaka district. He came to know about poverty alleviation program of SAWAB targeting the ultra-poor community of the society.  Funded by Islamic Aid, UK and implemented by SAWAB, this poverty alleviation program draws his attention and he showed his eagerness to be a member of this initiative. He took part in motivational sessions and also shared his thoughts. Later he decided to choose Rickshaw for his livelihood as he had experience of pulling rickshaw in the locality.

Badsha was ecstatic while talking about the opportunity he obtained through this poverty alleviation project: “Alhamdulillah. I am very much happy that I get a rickshaw and I am the owner of it. Whatever I will earn will remain with me. I can earn more now and can also save for my children for their future. I will send both my children to school again. I pray for Islamic Aid and SAWAB as they help us in time of need.”