Background of SAWAB

SAWAB (Social Agency for Welfare and Advancement in Bangladesh) has been working as an NGO in Bangladesh since 1995. It is completely a non-government, nonprofit and non-political voluntary welfare and development organization and it was established by few enlightened social workers, educationists, teachers and philanthropists. This organization was founded to work for human resource development through education, health care and nutrition, environment preservation, income generating activities, etc. for the poor and under privileged portion of the population with specific attention to women and children. SAWAB devoutly acts to establish a morale based society. Orphan Care, Supporting poor and distressed women and children are the main thrust of our special care programs. Besides, SAWAB is committed to help the destitute people, to make them self-employed, so that they can contribute to the economic development of the country. Bangladesh lies in such geographical location which is vulnerable to natural calamities and man-made disasters. Every year a large number of people are getting added to the extremely poor community. SAWAB helps and upgrade the lifestyle of this root-bottom community through various initiatives for their economic solvency and secured social life and thereby SAWAB contributes to the overall development of the country. SAWAB aims to bring forward the marginal group into the main stream by providing them with income generation opportunities through training, education and knowledge sharing.


Our Vision

The vision of SAWAB is to establish a just society, which is free from hunger, ignorance, social injustice, violence, oppressions and other forms of exploitations, and where peace, progress, tranquillity and development prevail.

Our Mission

The institutional mission of SAWAB is to develop and empower all persons and communities in situations of poverty, social injustice, ignorance, violence, terrorism, exploitations and all forms of sufferings through broadly promoting education, mutual understanding and collaboration, poverty alleviation, health, skills development and awareness building.

Our Core Values

  • Trust in Almighty Allah
  • Empathy and Care
  • Highest Standard of Integrity and Honesty
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Change and Adaptability
  • Inclusiveness and Ownership

Legal Status

SAWAB is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Prime Minister’s Office, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Its Registration Number is 956/95.


The goal of SAWAB is to poverty reduction and employment generation for the poor and marginalized families and thereby create a society based on justice, equity and self- respect through involvement of poor and disadvantaged group of people in various development activities and through creation of awareness about various problems and issues that concern the individuals, the community and the country at large


  1. Development of human resources among the poor and underprivileged people of the community and helping them to utilize their unused potentials to meet human needs.
  2. Promotion of youth employment and income generation opportunities for improving the socio-economic condition of the poor and the disadvantaged by providing different types of technical and Vocational skill development training.
  3. Development of unity among the poor people through organization of group activities and organize them to work united against the factors that perpetuate poverty.
  4. Promotion of women’s empowerment and their rights to increase the level of their participation in all areas of life.
  5. Promotion of health and family planning services, mother and child care and development.
  6. Promotion of Non-formal education and literacy for the illiterate children, adolescents and adults to eradicate illiteracy from the country
  7. Promotion of water & sanitation system both in rural and urban settings.
  8. Promotion of inter-cultural and inter-religious understanding among the community people so that social harmony exists.
  9. Promotion of culture of the marginalized and underprivileged rural communities to equip them with advantages.
  10. Promotion and preservation of the natural environment.
  11. Organize relief and rehabilitation activities in times of natural calamities and disaster.
  12. Undertaking different programs and activities to bring the differently able people to join mainstream of social development.

Institutional Values

  1. Empathy and care: SAWAB is committed to be empathetic and caring to the distressed people.
  2. Partnership and collaboration: In order to create synergy in development efforts and charity, SAWAB builds partnerships with different organizations, individuals and communities.
  3. Integrity and transparency: SAWAB strictly practices integrity and transparency in all its activities and interventions.
  4. Change and adaptability: As changes take place constantly, SAWAB endeavors to adapt in to all positive changes to stay relevant.
  5. Inclusiveness: SAWAB reaches out to all in need irrespective of cast, creed, culture and religion.
  6. Ownership: All stakeholders are consulted while developing and implementing projects and programs. The target beneficiaries always remain at the fore-front and steer the programs meant for their well-being.

Fig: Organogram of SAWAB

Monitoring & Supervision Staff

The program was monitored and supervised by the SAWAB Monitoring Unit and experienced staff and volunteers of SAWAB. The Project Implementation Committee supervised and monitored the overall program activities. The program was implemented in close cooperation and supervision by the Government administration and local bodies.