Women Empowerment

Overview: The total development of Bangladesh will undoubtedly be hampered if the empowerment status of women, constituting exactly 49.56% of the country’s total population will not be increased or remains as low as it nowadays. In Bangladesh women are confined to the domestic domain. Women’s involvement is mainly in the non-productive while men’s involvement is in the formal, productive and monetized sector. Girls and young women typically earn less and work in more unstable jobs and have neither access to resources nor market driven skills, a situation that prevents them to develop entrepreneurial skills or to have a decent job. Key issues like violence for dowry, eve-teasing, sexual harassment, discrimination, early marriage, malnutrition, health crises and drop out from education add to the unequal access to economic structures. Women hardly have a voice in the decision making process. Parents often are not willing to let girls travel long distances to go to school and to work, fearing for them being harmed. Opportunities for skills development to become self-reliant are scarce.


Project name:  Woman Empowerment

Location: Dhaka, Sathkhira and Kurigram


Goal:The project goal aimed at improving social economic status of women and community.

Objectives:The immediate objective of the project is to improve the economic status of the women and the community by increasing the income of:Dhaka, Sathkhira and Kurigramdistricts through income generating activities and capacity building.

  • Improving skills and knowledge of out of school girls and women by training them on tailoring, gardening and home farming.
  • Enhance the capacity of women through provision of capital inform of equipment (tailoring machine) and entrepreneurship training.
  • Increase awareness of the group members on control spread of various diseases and Covid-19