Water Well for Safe Water in Bangladesh

Number of Water Wells: 258 (50 deep and 208 semi deep Well)

Donor Number: 3 donor organizations from Australia, UK and Turkey

District: 10

Community: Local

Country: Bangladesh

In the project 50 deep and 208 semi deep Water-wells are being installed at different Upazilas in Sathkhira, Bogra, Manikganj, Kurigram, Pabna, Kushtia, Meherpur, Lakshmipur, Tangail, and Dhaka district of Bangladesh. This program will strengthen the social tie. It will serve the target beneficiaries clean and safe water who have not pure water resource or the public places like education or religious institutions, public places – hat, bazar, etc. These tube wells will ensure safe water for drink and fulfil the requirement of clean water in everyday life. The project will help to protect the health of target people from various water borne diseases.


Improve access to safe drinking water, improved sanitation, and hygiene practices of poor and marginalized people in three targeted districts in Bangladesh.


  1. To increase access to sustainable safe water facilitation to the 1,512 people of 189 marginalized families by installing 20 tube wells and 1 Hand Pump
  2. To improve the quality of life and health for people in rural areas.
  3. To increase hygiene promotion awareness and reduce the prevalence of WASH-related diseases, including trachoma, Guinea worm, and diarrheal diseases, through the promotion of personal hygiene and environmental practices.