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Tube-well Program

$ 9,042.00 Needed Donation


Safe Drinking Water for All

Water is a human right, according to The General Assembly of UN said, “The right to safe and clean drinking water as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights.” Arsenic contamination, declining ground water levels, saline intrusions in coastal belt, and the often highly visible pollution of major rivers, are all major factors limiting universal access to safe water.

Key river waters are still allowed to be polluted by releases of toxic industrial waste and untreated water.  The impact extends beyond visible contamination and unsafe drinking water, to prevent farmers from watering crops. The government must prevent such abuses and do more to extend access to safe drinking to everyone in the country.

Bangladesh frequently faces cyclones and flash floods, which cause the swamping of croplands by saltwater and put lives in danger as well as under severe threat. Getting safe drinking water has become a big challenge.

Location of the Project:

The project is implementing under 1 District of Bangladesh. The district is Sunamganj in Bangladesh under Sylhet Division.  

Details of Locations 

Division NameDistrict NameUpazila NameUnion Village Name
SylhetSunamganjJagannathpurParar GowParar Gow


Project Output

  • Physical benefit: Water Well:

In the project 55 shallow and 45 semi deep Water-wells will be installed at different Upazilas in Sunamganj district of Bangladesh. This program will strengthen the social tie. It will serve the target beneficiaries clean and safe water who have not pure water resource or the public places like education or religious institutions, public places – hat, bazar, etc. These tube wells will ensure safe water for drink and fulfill the requirement of clean water in everyday life. The project will help to protect the health of target people from various water borne diseases.

  • Social Benefit:

This program will build brotherhood in national and international level. It will improve the social status of the beneficiaries.

We want to extend our sincere gratitude for Islamic Appeal’s contribution to Water Well Project in Bangladesh. Islamic Appeal’s generous gift will have a major impact on helping the poorest people to drink pure water. On behalf of beneficiaries, we would like to thank you for helping the marginalized people to make a positive difference. Your support encourages our continued commitment to reaching our goal.