Mother and Children Heath Care Project

Location of the Project: Cox’s Bazar District of Bangladesh (Rohingya Refugee Camps/Shelters).

Specific objectives of the program:

To provide essential Health Care to Rohingya mothers and children including host communities who are in potential health risks.

OBJECTIVE 1: Improve access to lifesaving and comprehensive primary health services for crisis-affected populations with special focus on mother and child health aimed at reducing avoidable morbidity and mortality.

OBJECTIVE 2: Provide comprehensive and life-saving reproductive, maternal, neonatal and adolescent health care to reduce morbidity and mortality.

OBJECTIVE 3: Strengthen health sector coordination to monitor the response and the quality of the services provided.

Major Service of This Project: 

  • Strengthening routine immunization activities;
  • Primary Health Centers and Health Posts: Consolidating preventive and curative services based on the government endorsed essential package of health services;
  • Reproductive Health: Ensuring access of all women in need to the Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) for reproductive health in crisis situations; promoting facility based deliveries and increase antenatal care coverage;
  • Mental health: Mainstreaming mental health & psychosocial care in primary healthcare facilities and facilitate referral to higher level.

{ANC & PNC, Breastfeeding, Child health and development, Infant and child nutrition, Maternal health (including emotional health), Parenting skills , Home safety for children, Immunization, Relationships (including your relationship with your baby), local support service}

Beneficiaries Of The Program:   Mother and children of Rohingya refugees who are in potential health risks staying in makeshift camps/shelters in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh are targeted to be benefited from this Primary Medical Care program as they have lost everything as well as been forced to leave homes

Health Care Center:This center will be open 5 days in a week from 10am to 3.30 pm. One male & female medical office, Nurse, Midwife, Pharmacists cum Dispenser, Register, Security Guard and Cleaner will be appointed to implement this program.

We have plan to provided Health service to (100 x 20) = (2,000 x 6 Months) = (12,000 x 2) =24,000 forcibly displaced nation in every year who are well known as Rohingya refugees.

It is estimated that more than one million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. SAWAB remains committed to providing support to both refugees and host communities and our goal is to provide sustainable assistance to ensure their protection, health and dignity.