Networking and Partnership, Advocacy & Campaign for Development Program

Collaboration, partnerships, and networks at the national and international levels are principal values of SAWAB. It is a powerful mechanism of SAWAB to enhance good relationships with different local and foreign organizations to raise funds and implement its humanitarian and welfare activities in Bangladesh.

SAWAB maintains strong collaboration with different Community Based Organizations (CBO) and departments of the government of Bangladesh to implement its programs and projects in remote areas of country as a part of SAWAB partnership.

Bangladesh Government is focusing on a number of awareness building and development related activities. SAWAB is working along with government for removing terrorism, militancy, early marriage system, dowry tradition and other related things from society. For doing this kind of work, SAWAB regularly arranges some advocacy and campaign regarding these issues in different districts of Bangladesh.

SAWAB is actively participated special workshops, meetings and seminars maintaining liaison with government, national and international organizations in every year.