Infrastructure Development Program

SAWAB has its construction projects which include: Housing and shelter during emergency, schools for children for Bangladeshis and Rohingya refugees, mosques and ablution places, sanitary latrines for the community development.

Emergency Housing/Shelter:

Bangladesh – a country with a tropical monsoon climate characterized by heavy seasonal rainfall, high temperatures, and high humidity is a victim of natural calamities. The country suffers from floods, cyclones, storm surge, river bank erosion, earthquake, drought, salinity intrusion, fire and tsunami. Cyclones and floods particularly caused massive damages.  Natural disasters such as floods and cyclones accompanied by storm surges periodically affect the whole country. As a result, many people loss their houses every year and they take shelter on the road or roadside open spaces in several corner of the country. River erosion also increases the number of homeless people every year.

SAWAB is assisting such homeless people by providing them with emergency housing support to protect them from the pouring rain and scorching heat and the cold waves of winter.

Schools buildings:

In Bangladesh, primary education in the public schools is financed by the government and secondary education (up to level VIII) is free of for the girls in public schools. Thus the literacy rate is increasing, though the rate of dropout is also alarming. SAWAB wants to create the opportunity specifically for the children by building new education centers basically for the poorest community of the country.


Bangladesh is one of the largest Muslim countries of the world with 85% of the population as Muslims. Moreover, Dhaka is known as a City of Mosque. Yet, in the rural parts of Bangladesh there are unavailability of mosques with proper facilities. Some mosques are very old, some of them have temporary praying arrangements (made of bamboo or tin), and many cases people have to talk long ways to reach the mosques from a far distance. As a result, many Muslims cannot perform their prayer in congregation. There is need for more well-constructed mosques in the local community.

Ablution place:

Along with the mosque, the place of ablution is also need to be constructed. SAWAB, with assistance of its donors, likes to provide well-constructed mosque in the remote areas around the country so that every Muslim can perform their prayer properly and in tranquility.

Training Centers:

SAWAB initiated training for the youths of Bangladesh in different vocational fields including hands-on training on mobile, laptop and other electric device repairing, motor repairing training, sewing machine and tailoring training, candle making and handicrafts training, entrepreneurship development training, establishing technical and vocational centers all over Bangladesh.