Health and Nutrition Program

A healthy society is essential for the development of a country. Ill-health people hamper development activities and become a burden to family and society as well as a major reason for poverty. In Bangladesh obtaining health and nutrition services are dear to poor people. Many people, especially the poor, are afraid of the high costs which healthcare inflicts and do not seek medical attention at all. On an average, less than 1.0 per cent of the population has a health coverage scheme which protects them against catastrophic health expenditures. In Bangladesh, approximately 3.8 per cent of the total population, or 6.0 million people, are pushed into poverty because of out-of-pocket payments for health se1vices every year. Supports from different donor agencies provide life-saving medical care to those who would otherwise have no way of accessing even the most basic of services.

Every year, SAWAB is arranging emergency medical camp and provided training for the same purpose to the community in different deserving and disaster prone areas in Bangladesh to ensure availability of medical services during emergency.