Access to health care services is one of the fundamental human rights. It’s the responsibility of the government to ensure health care services to its citizens but due to over population and scarce resources it is not possible for government to meet the needs of every citizen. On the other hand, poor people are usually unable to have health care services in private clinics. In such circumstances supports from philanthropic organizations are highly helpful to the poor people. Kanchanpur Charitable Dispensary (KCD) is such an initiative to ensure poor people’s access to health care services.

Health Care ProgramSAWAB run KCD is providing healthcare services to the underprivileged people. Approximately 980 persons received health care services including consultancy and medicine in 2012,1050 in the year 2013 and 1140 in the year 2014. Mainly women, children and elderly people get benefits through this center. Initially, the center was sponsored by Islami Bank Foundation. Now SAWAB bears all cost with medicine support from Remidon Pharmacy, Kushtia.

Moreover, SAWAB implemented Primary Healthcare Clinic (PHC) in SIDR affected areas of Barguna and Bagerhat districts and helped 5000 patients with outdoor medical services.

Emergency Ambulance Service

SAWAB in partnership with Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) and Al-Khadim Foundation initiated ambulance service project in 2007. There are two ambulances under this project to provide services. Initially the ambulances provided support to the devastating cyclone SIDR affected people in Patuakhali and Barguna. Later on, when the rehabilitation phase in the SIDR affected areas was over, both the ambulances were shifted to Kushtia for providing emergency services to the poor patients. About 7200, 8500, 8700 patients received services in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively.