Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation:

Bangladesh is among the countries that are most affected by the consequences of climate change-today and especially in the coming decades. The poorest people, who contribute least to it, suffer the most. The impact of regular floods and cyclones is steadily increasing. In rural areas, SAWAB supports the poorest families to adapt to the impacts of climate change by giving free foods, clothes, pure water, and medicine.

On the other hand, belongs to the tropical zone on the earth, the temperatures falls in Bangladesh and the people who are needy suffer from biting cold. The north-eastern and the western parts of Bangladesh are the worst hit areas by the cold waves and bitter cold. SAWAB also extends its help to provide warm clothes to the poor needy people in the various location of Bangladesh and wants to support all over the world by raising its fund.

You may contribute with your donation by providing Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation through our organization for the poorest people in Bangladesh.