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Disaster Management & Climate Change Adaption

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Disaster Management:

SAWAB has developed expertise in disaster response and management and in quickly delivering emergency relief and rehabilitation services to victims of natural disasters. In 2007 Bangladesh was hit by the super cyclone Sidr and at that time SAWAB provided relief and comfort to thousands of affected people. SAWAB in partnership with Zakat Foundation, USA provided food support to 500 families followed by rehabilitation work. In 2013, SAWAB stood beside the victims of Rana Plaza Collapse at Savar, Dhaka. Twelve families were supported by SAWAB. Out of them six were the families of the dead victims and six were of the major injured people. It’s mentionable that Rana Plaza collapse was the most fatal building collapse in Bangladesh where 1126 garments workers lost their lives. It drew huge international attention and media coverage. It took several days to complete the recovery of dead bodies from the debris.

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Climate Change:

Though Bangladesh is a tropical country with moderate to hot temperature all-round the year, but almost every year, during winter, especially from mid of December to end of February the temperature falls suddenly and sometimes this fall is accompanied by cold wave from the Himalayas. During this time life of the poor people is affected seriously due to lack of warm clothes, sometimes resulting in death of the elderly poor people and the children. Since people are not used to this bitter cold weather, old people and children suffer most.  Northern part of the country is the hard hit area during winter.  Government agencies, NGOs, and philanthropic people try to extend their help during this hard time.  SAWAB also undertakes special program during winter to provide warm clothes to the poor people. During 2012 SAWAB started distributing warm clothes in Dinajpur among 180 families. Later, the number increases and in last few years distribution of winter clothing was made in districts of Rangpur, Dinajpur, Panchagar, Kurigram, Nilphamari, Thakurgaon, Noagaon, Rajshahi, Shirajgong, Pabna, Bogura, as well as Srimongol, Moulovi Bazaar, Jessore and Barisal. We need to focus more for distributing more winter clothes as well as help building a better living place by saving nature, helping tree plantation, and creating awareness for saving the environment.

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Why Donate Us ?

Accountability and transparency are core values of our organization. We are committed to using your donations to transform the lives of some of the poorest people in Bangladesh. In our work, we’re committed to subsequent the best policies. We believe that non government organization have to be accountable, transparent and effective for their work.