SAWAB has been endeavoring to make a poverty-free society and attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in both rural and urban areas of Bangladesh.

It has been playing a significant role in promoting welfare and development activities by engaging children, orphans, ultra poor and young people to bring positive changes in their lives. We believe in equal rights for every human being. Our main aim is to reach more people, families and communities through partnership with more national, international donor agencies and community-based organizations (CBOs).

We are determined to realize our programs by focusing on alleviating poverty with holistic development approach for the distressed people in Bangladesh, with valuable financial and management contributions from our board members, stakeholders, donors, philanthropic individuals and volunteers, well-wishers and dedicated workforce. SAWAB plays a key role in promoting awareness and understanding to increase mutual co-operation among the marginalized people to build a caring community.

We remain grateful to the NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh, development and funding partners for their continuous supports in 2018. We appreciate our program participants, facilitators, volunteers, field office staffs and their hard work to bring positive changes in the lives of the poorest people. Without their dedicated services, it was not possible to meet the needs of the poorest people.

However, we strongly believe that more local initiatives need to be undertaken by the rich, social and political leaders. More collaboration between GOs and NGOs can significantly contribute to poverty eradication in our country. Dependence on foreign aids need to be decreased gradually.

For poverty alleviation, only money and material approach cannot help it. So, moral and psychological development is essential for our social-economic advancement.

No doubt, Bangladesh is a resourceful country. To utilize our resources to an optimum level, good governance and transparency should be our top priority in the development arena of our country.

Thank you very much.

S M Rasheduzzaman


SAWAB (Social Agency for Welfare and Advancement in Bangladesh)