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SAWAB (Social Agency for Welfare and Advancement in Bangladesh)


Service to the suffering humanity is the core ambition or maxim of SAWAB. With this great aphorism, it has been serving the poor as an NGO in Bangladesh since its commencement in 1995 by carrying out development programs like education, poverty alleviation, health care, water and sanitation, emergency relief and rehabilitation, Islamic micro-finance, orphan care, capacity building, networking, advocacy, partnership, Ramadan and Qurban, disaster management and response and awareness raising among the target population. For balanced advancement of the society, SAWAB adopts an integrated development approach to bring about desired material and ethical changes among the target groups. It is to be eminent that, so far, SAWAB has provided development services to more than half a million people in Bangladesh. For quicker and more effective service delivery, it works in partnership with more than 200 community-based organizations (CBOs). Besides, it organizes different seminars, workshops, training and visits to enhance skills and capacity among the partner CBOs with an aim to reaching the target communities across Bangladesh. SAWAB also endeavors to provide its target people with planned development services available within its capacity aiming to promote a harmonious society with equal rights and opportunities for all.

Institutional Values

  • Empathy and care: SAWAB is committed to be empathetic and caring to the distressed people.
  • Partnership and collaboration: In order to create synergy in development efforts and charity, SAWAB builds partnerships with different organizations, individuals and communities.
  • Integrity and transparency: SAWAB strictly practices integrity and transparency in all its activities and interventions.
  • Change and adaptability: As changes take place constantly, SAWAB endeavors to adapt in to all positive changes to stay relevant.
  • Inclusiveness: SAWAB reaches out to all in need irrespective of cast, creed, culture and religion.
  • Ownership: All stakeholders are consulted while developing and implementing projects and programs. The target beneficiaries always remain at the fore-front and steer the programs meant for their well-being.





Legal Status

SAWAB is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau under the Prime Minister’s Office, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Its Charity Registration No. is 956/95.


  • To facilitate social welfare and development activities in Bangladesh.
  • To facilitate the destitute to be self- reliant.
  • To educate and empower under privileged and suffering humanity.
  • To enhance dormant potentials of the uncared for and undeserved and destitute People.
  • To develop awareness regarding values, right, freedom, importance of education, health & other basic needs.



Working Area